[Summary] OT: Looking for Web-based Bulletin Board / Forum software

From: Vandevegt, James Matthew (Jim) <vandevegt_at_avaya.com>
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 14:19:38 EST
[Original Post]
My division is looking for some Bulletin Board / forum software to use
internally for various communications.

We're looking at products that are freely available or low cost (< $300). My
NT administrative counterpart has located a pretty-well-polished solution for
$300 running on the 'Doze platform. We want to make sure we haven't missed
anything available on the UNIX side.

Minimum requirements:
Web-based administration (would like to ultimately have Help Desk administrate
Open, Moderated, and/or Private forums
Email notifications
Tree hierarchy to drill into specific areas

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

[Additional Requirements]
* File attachments
* Search

[Additional Information Asked For]
The front runner on the 'Doze side is IdealBB, http://www.idealbb.com

[Thanks for Responses From]
Jim Winkle
Bruce Caldwell
Bruntel, Mitchell L, ALABS
Loukinas, Jeremy
Tim Chipman
Baillargeon, Sonny
Tim Evans
Lee Heagney
Steven Hill
Hendrik Visage
Per Erik Strand
Ron Markel
David M Dennis

[Summary of Replies]
I'd say at least 80% of the replies included phpBB (http://www.phpbb.com). I'm
installing it as my primary evaluator. Comments included: best in breed, easy
install, good maintainability, open source.

Honorable mentions:
Search www.freshmeat.net
www.infopop.com ($199)
www.vbulletin.com ($ ??)
www.discusware.com ($150)

Thanks again to all sunmanagers!
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