SUMMARY: SunCluster 3.0 behaviour at shutdown

From: Cirus Gaspar <>
Date: Fri Nov 28 2003 - 04:37:13 EST

Sorry for this late summary. I have tried and test the solution
successfully. Here is my primary question.

>I need to modify the shutdown action of SunCluster for oracle adding some
>sql lines before the  "shutdown immediate" action. Please share your ideas
>about how can it be changed.

Thanks to Allan McAleavy for his ideas about modifying the stop method. As
he warns, this would invalidate the support agreement with sun b/c stop
method scripts is part of the package.
But maybe there is a lack of flexibility in sun scripts. I did the following

check the scripts called to stop the DataServer and find it actualy is

in this script you can find the line
su $ORACLE_OWNER -c "$SERVER_MANAGE shutdown immediate" >> $DBUG_FILE

$SERVER_MANAGE is defined some lines earlier as

which was the script I finaly modified. In that script in the shutdown
stanza you can find some line like:
srvmgrl <<
connect internal

And I inserted my additional sql statemente (basically dumps to disk before
stopping) befor the line "$@" which stands for the external argument
(shutdown immediate).

The sql statements must finish with a ;

For debugging look at the $DEBUG_FILE


Another solution suggested by Mazhar Khan is to use "start before" and "stop
before" methods, but I didnot managed to find them so I think that methods
should be defined some where in the RTR file for the resource type. Although
that whould be a more elegant solution is also more complex.

Thanks to both of them for sharing their ideas.

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