Summary: Dual-head Sun laptops

From: Chris Cook <>
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 09:24:16 EST
>Can anyone suggest a method of providing dual-head capability for a Sun 
>laptop? Are there any supported PCMCIA (or USB?) video cards?

Couple of months back I asked the question and received no useful responses, 
only a couple of people rather "helpfully" pointing out that Sun don't make 
laptops - yes, yes, but they manufacture the components that third parties 
build Sparc-based laptops from. Anyhow, I stumbled on a company called Magma 
(, who make a number of clever things including one 
blindingly brilliant box that fits the PC-bus slot and provides a number of 
PCI slots at the other end. It's terrific - we've got one running a 
dual-head at the moment, provided by a Raptor card inside. About to try a 
specialist data capture card and a hardware raid card. Works with Solaris - 
also Windows and Mac if that's your thang. I hope this is useful to others.


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