[Summary] audit woes

From: Galen Johnson <gjohnson_at_trantor.org>
Date: Mon Oct 13 2003 - 17:25:58 EDT

  Thanks to Caspar Dik for the help on this one...looks like it was an 
"error behind keyboard" or the ID-ten-T error.  I somehow managed to 
clip off part of the /etc/system file which broke this.


original question below...

> hello gang,
> My auditing no longer works.  Whenever I try to start/restart my audit 
> daemon, I get this error message:
> /etc/security/audit_warn: Can not start the audit daemon because 
> fchdir or fchroot was run.  Must reboot to start auditing!
> The ironic thing is that this started after the last reboot.  Has 
> anyone ever encountered this and managed to fix it?  The only change 
> that has occured since it was working was to set the rstchown to allow 
> users to chown a file.
> =G=
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