SUMMARY:nscd abnormal memory usage

From: <>
Date: Mon Oct 13 2003 - 09:34:48 EDT

Thanks to all who responded.

Looks like this is one of those things that I'm going to 
have to live with. Others reported seeing similar 
symptoms though not quite to the same degree (record 
is 3Gb so far). There are suggestions which I had 
considered, to modify the settings in /etc/nscd.conf. I've 
not had chance to test anything yet (change control) but 
if I do get any positive results I'll post an update.



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Platform is V880, Solaris 8 KR18 plus supplementaries,
OBP 4.10.8, various hardware revs.

nscd seems to be growing steadily to what seems to me 
to be excessive levels. Eg

643 root      786M  786M sleep   58    0   0:00.00 0.1% 

This is on an uptime of 16 days.

Searches indicate memory leak problems with this 
daemon in Solaris 2.6 but nothing current. Anyone
seen similar or got any ideas for a fix? Periodic restarts 
are not an option as they affect a production application.
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