SUMMARY: A1000 Installation problem

From: Joohyun Cha <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 2003 - 21:21:22 EDT

Thanks for your kind responses. There are a few reply but tons of 
out of office mail. And sorry for forgetting to state that A1000
is not brand new one but used one. After some researches I found
this. here's my summary.

If A1000 has previously defined LUNs and will be used to be array
as new one, you have to be remove old LUNs before define new LUNs
or your rm6 complains that cannot find raid modules.

if you can see more than 1 LUNs in boot prom via command "probe-scsi-all"
you have to insert disk into slot as many as LUNs than reboot with boot -rs.
Than you can see configured LUNs via /usr/lib/osa/bin/lad.
and /usr/lib/osa/bin/raidutil -c c#t#d# -X to delete all old LUNs.
Once you delete old LUNs you can boot normaly with just one disk and 
can find raid module.

Again, Thanks for your help.
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