SUMMARY: creating a 300gb. concatenation under Solaris 7 w/disksuite

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 09:46:40 EDT
Thanks to the following who replied:

Jeremy Loukanis,
Eivind Nordbye,
John Westerdale,
Morgan Jones,
Jay Lessert,
Eugene Schmidt

No major roadblocks were pointed out, however the following points were 
brought up -

- Make sure the 'largefiles' option is set when you mount the metadevice
- Turn on UFS logging to avoid interminably long fsck after a crash
- 7 disks = 7 points of failure in the metadevice
- Specify the '-m1' option on newfs when creating the file system to 
reduce the root-only region  - this is significant on a large file 
system like this
- Some people suggested striping vs concatenation - problems is all 
these slices have radically different sizes.

Thanks again to those who replied!


Original Message:


I'm planning on creating a 300gb. concatenation metadevice of 7 very
large disk slices under Solaris 7 using Disksuite 4.2 Any issues I
should be aware of? Apart from an ungodly long newfs 


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