SUMMARY: How to do System reporting without SNMP

From: Jain, Rajeev - Contingent Staff <>
Date: Mon Oct 20 2003 - 17:45:04 EDT
Thanks to everyone who replied. I am quite impressed with the example graphs
of ORCA. Here is what lot of people has suggested

1. Setup a server SERVER-A with a Web Server which will be used to collect
data from other servers, configure rSync to collect data from other servers
on this machine
2. Run oracalator on every server
3. Run ORCA on SERVER-A and convert rsync'ed data in to HTML

If I am not asking for too much, could you please share some scripts for
step 2 and step3. I have a configured Web Server running Rsync

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> Can someone suggest what is the best freeware available to report
> graphically  CPU, File Systems Usage etc.?

Orca[1], based around the Sun SE Toolkit[2].

Orcalator running on each monitored system, rsync over ssh to collect
orcalator data to a central reporting server and Orca to process the
data and produce HTML and images of the performance data.

You'll also want a web server on the reporting server.


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