SUMMARY: Getting a TARball to tape

From: Griffor, Bob (COMFIN, VFS, IT Contractor) <>
Date: Wed Oct 08 2003 - 11:11:57 EDT
Ok.. It seems that what I was trying to do is impossible...  Several people
have told me that I cannot untar to stdout and that I would have to use dd or
cat.  Before posting to the list, I tried all of these options, but due to the
large amount of data (60GB) and tape size constraints (35GB/tape) none of
these options work for me.

I wound up just putting the large tarball onto tape with GNU tar and when they
go to unload the data on the other side, they will just have to run tar twice,
once to get the tarball off of tape, and the second to untar it.

I would like to apologize on the incoherence of the post, it was still early
in the morning here. :)  Thanks again!  --Bob

I would like to thank the following folks for thier help and for answering my

Parkins, Larye (NIH/NIAID)
Paul Kennedy
Joel Fisher
Reggie Beavers
Dave Mitchell
Stephan Grund
Casper Dik
Brian Sherwood
Lee A Caldwell
Christophe DIARRA
Grzegorz Bakalarski
Steven Haywood
Chris Pinnock

I would NOT like to thank the following people for telling me they couldn't
help because they were "Out of the Office"...

Abeysekera, Krishani []
Radu Rotaru []
Brown, Rob []
SreenivasaRao Vadalasetty []
Karien Depijper []
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