SUMMARY: Problem with bg process & SIGTTOU

From: Smith, Kevin <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 11:17:52 EDT
Thanks to :

DAUBIGNE Sebastien  - BOR
Andrew Hay

It turned out, that due to part of my script calling su to oracle (to call
some sqlplus), the oracle .profile had a call to tty -s which was causing
the subshell to attempt to write to the terminal. I changed the .profile to
test for a present terminal in a more effcient way and the problem has been

Thanks for the directions.


"Can anyone please shed some light on why my KSH script which echos out some
"comments as it processes. It is stopping with a SIGTTOU [Term Out] whenever
"It is run it in the background and stops at the first echo statement. The
"script runs perfectly in foreground. Is it some odd stty setting perhaps?
"understanding is the 2>&1 redirects STDERR and STDOUT to the logfile as I
"want it to ......
"root@indtr02 /usr/local/bin # nohup backup_db.ksh -b "tr01 fts01" >>
"/var/adm/logs/nightly_backup.log 2>&1 &


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