SUMMARY: Limpact or Impact testing

From: Glenn, May (COMFIN, VFS, Consultant) <>
Date: Thu Oct 23 2003 - 11:29:39 EDT
Once again, all of you came through with shining colors.

I was corrected on my naming of the test, it is Linpack. This test is a
benchmark that checks for the MFLOP/s of the system.

Some of the links I was sent are:
Thanks to the following individuals for their incredibly rapid response times.
Joe, Nicolas, Casper, Jim, Pal, Dave, Joe, Rick, and Jeff. (In no particular
order of course)

I will be running these tests on a couple of fully loaded E10ks If anyone
would like to know the results, I will be happy to send them.

Thanks again
Glenn May

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Good morning all,

I have another off the wall question.

I have recently been asked by one of our salesman to add additional testing
our E10K suite.

He was unsure of the exact wording, but it was either an "Impact" test, or a
"Limpact" test.

I have been searching, but cannot find any valid information. It is highly
possible that I am not typing it in correctly.    If someone could please
elaborate on what this test is, what the proper spelling is of it, etc...

Thanks for your responses, and as always I will post my summary.

Glenn May
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