SUMMARY: Sources of information

From: Paul Richards <>
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 18:08:56 EDT
My sincere thanks to:

Jeremy Loukinas - for this interesting book reference which I have
already placed an order for...
"You need Boot disk management from Sun. It's a blueprint book. ISBN
0-13-062153-6. I use it daily."
" has some tutorials which will give you a good
gwyn - i tried to email you and got an error - your mailbox was full -
but I am not the person you asked about.

Thanks to the following for their outlook out of office replies:
Stefan Pohl, Manohar Nayak, Doug Granzow, Stefan Wallimann (in German
- very useful)

and finally special thanks to
anderson baptist who sent me three pounds of HTML to tell me I cant
email him because of his anti spam system

Paul Richards
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