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From: Galen Johnson <gjohnson_at_trantor.org>
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 13:56:59 EDT
Thanks to Casper Dik, Darren Dunham and Luc Suryo for their 
responses....I should've thought to look at the tunable parameters 
manual and I would've seen what I needed. (sudo wasn't an option for 
this case for other reasons).  The 'mdb'/'adb' command looks to be what 
I need.


PS...Anderson Baptist please ask your adminstrator to fix your antispam 
software...oh wait, you may never see this since I'll never click to 

Darren's response was the most feature rich so I'm quoting it...

>Well, according to the tunable parameters manual..
>     Indicates whether the POSIX semantics for the chown(2) system call
>     are in effect. POSIX semantics are:
>          A process cannot change the owner of a file unless it is
>          running with UID 0.
>          A process cannot change the group ownership of a file to a
>          group in which it is not currently a member
>          unless it is running as UID 0.
>Data Type
>     Signed integer
>     1, indicating that POSIX semantics are used
>     0 = POSIX semantics not in force, 1 = POSIX semantics used
>     Toggle (on/off)
>     Yes
>The "Dynamic? Yes" means that the value can be usefully changed while
>the box is running (this is from the Solaris 8 manual).  From the
>tunable parameters overview, Dynamic is described as..
>     Yes, if it can be changed on a running system with the adb, mdb, or
>     kadb debuggers. No, if it is a boot time
>     initialization only.
>So you'll need adb or something...  The kernel variable is the same name
>'rstchown'.  Just set it to '0' instead of the '1' that it is probably
>set to.

Galen Johnson wrote:

> Does anyone know if it's possible to set the rstchown setting short of 
> a reboot?  I've added 'set rstchown=0' in my /etc/system file but I'd 
> prefer not to have to reboot the machine to allow users the ability to 
> change ownerships on the files they own (I don't normally allow this 
> but this is a special case).  This is a Sol 8 system if that makes any 
> diff.
> =G=
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