SUMMARY: /etc/default/init changes without reboot

From: Barry Deevey <>
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 12:59:42 EDT
Thanks for all the replies - A number mentioned profiles & exporting TZ etc.
which wasn't what I was after (but that was probably my own fault for not
being clear enough on my posting!!)

Many thanks to Darren Dunham & Jay Lessert, who both basically say that it
cannot be done, as TZ is an environment for each individual process. However
you could in theory kill any processes that you need to be aware of the
timezone setting and then restart it with the TZ set to the new value.  i.e.
cron, syslog, inetd, sshd, sendmail etc.  but this would be a very messy and
possibly dangerous method of achieving the new TZ settings.

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Subject: /etc/default/init changes without reboot

Hi all,

I have made some changes to the TZ variable in /etc/default/init - I was
hoping that when I logged out and back in it would pick up these changes,
but unfortunately it didn't.

Does anybody know of a method of applying these changes without having to
reboot the server??

Thanks for any replies, they are much appreciated.

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