preliminary SUMMARY Problems with some UIDs

From: Kynaston Roger <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 2003 - 10:35:37 EDT
Thanks to:
Caspar Dik
Michael J Watson
Reggie Beaver
Matthew Stier
James Zhao

A couple of suggestions here are to:
zap the /var/adm/lastlogin as this could have some spurious entries in it.
restart the Naming Service Cache Daemon in it.

I shall give these a try next time the problem crops up.

For information, the user simply gets a momentary message that they are not
permitted to log on before closing their session.  We are also using telnet
rather than rlogin so there are no issues with .rhosts.

Another suggestion is that some packages could be messing up the permissions
on /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow.  We have not recently installed any packages
on this system and it does not affect all users.  Another suggestion was
that there may be a restricitve umask somewhere though this is also standard
for all users.

Thanks for the suggestions and I will give another update when the next user
crops up.


Roger Kynaston
UNIX Systems Analyst
Information Technology Services
Policy and Administration
London Borough Hammersmith & Fulham
Tel. 0208 753 2919

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