Summary: openssh startup error message

From: Fiengo, Paul (Contractor) <>
Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 09:14:01 EDT

The overwhelming verdict is that I do have create a user 'sshd' in order for
the OpenSSH application to install correctly.  Had I paid closer attention
to the Sun Freeware site, I would have noticed the link to the installation

Many of you provided this link for me.  Thank you.  Two provided a direct
link to the question that I asked specifically about Privilege Separation:

Others provided me typed instructions... (THANK YOU !!!); while others
provided additional links to sites:


Thank you to everyone who provided me with the information.  I greatly
appreciate your time and efforts.


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> Subject:	openssh startup error message
> Gurus,
> I am extremely wet behind the ear with openssh and am getting an error
> message when trying to start the daemon.  The message is as follows:
> 	privilege separation user sshd does not exist
> The daemon then fails to start.  Is the sshd looking for a user sshd?  If
> so, what should be it's home directory (/usr/local)?  Does anyone have any
> good references for openssh?  I have downloaded several Sun blueprints and
> read through the openssh readme with no decent data provided.  My
> particulars are as follows:
> 	Sun 280R / Solaris 8 02-02 / latest bulk patch using 108528-23
> 	zlib 1.1.4
> 	openssl 0.9.7.b
> 	openssh 3.6.1p1
> 	libgcc 3.3
> All were downloaded from Sun Freeware as packages.  Any and all
> information would be appreciated.  I will summarize.
> Paul Fiengo
> COM: 717.267.9361
> DSN: 570.9361
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