SUMMARY: a1000 problem

From: Franky <>
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 10:51:00 EDT
(original post at the end)
Tx to Azzopardi Konrad who gave me the courage to play around with the 
serial console of the A1000, I managed to get my controller back online.
Here's how:

1) connect via a null-modem cable to the serial console of the a1000. I 
had to use settings of 2400/8-N-1 and no flow control whatsoever, but 
your milleage may varry. If you don't get any readable output on the 
screen, try another setting.
2) reboot the a1000 (no other choice here, because it was stuck in a 
loop, printing out an error about symbol not found...) and press <SPACE> 
twice to get in the boot menu.
3) now select option 2 (download permanent file) and use YMODEM protocol 
(Azzopardi had success using XMODEM) to send a .bwd file (or a .apd 
file). This should take some time (so if it succeeds within 2 seconds, 
try another protocol). I tried several times with a .apd file first, but 
apparenlty I had to use a .bwd file here ... this might be related to 
the stage where the firmware got corrupted.
4) After this succeeds, let the a1000 think about it for some time (I 
let it go for the night, so I don't exactly know what it did, or how 
long it took).
5) on the connected machine, do a reconfigure boot and voila .... a1000 
is available again!

My humble thanks to Azzopardi (and the guy that gave him this advice, 
Matthew R. Clausen)


 > I'm trying to get my E250 solaris 8 machine to talk to an old a1000
 > which was lying around here. After installing the latest recommended
 > patches, the 6.22.1 raid manager and some small patches (112126-06) and ,
 > I rebooted the machine and it recognized the A1000. Whoohoo!
 > But then it happened: the firmware needed to be upgraded, so I started
 > the fwutil command, but because I'm a bit blnd I did
 >     fwutil 02050632.apd c1t5d0
 > instead of
 >     fwutil 02050632.bwd c1t5d0
 > The command frooze on me and there was nothing else I could do but
 > reboot the machine and A1000 because the tools (like raidutil) no longer
 > were able to talk to the A1000.
 > But now the A1000 is no longer recognized by the machine:
 > # ./nvutil -v
 > There are no devices (controllers) in the system; nvutil terminated.
 > # ./hot_add
 > drvconfig: driver failed to attach: ssd
 > WARNING: set_drivers: No arrays were found that are controlled by either
 > the sd or the ssd driver
 > So you see I could use a little help here ...
 > Did I screw up my firmware controller? Do I need to install patch
 > 106503-08? I was reluctant to do this one because it's a flash upgrade
 > of the system, but maybe it needs this?
 > any help is appreciated ...
 > Franky
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