[SUMMARY] Fast Data Access MMU Miss - Solaris 8

From: John.B.Kelly <John.B.Kelly_at_ul.ie>
Date: Mon Aug 25 2003 - 11:12:12 EDT
Hello All,

Apologies for the late summary of replies to a query sent to the list last

Anyway, I was getting the above error when attempting to boot from a Solaris
8 installation CD on an Ultra 5. I received a number of replies stating
possible sources of the error such as out-of-date OBP version, bad CPU, bad
motherboard, incorrect value of diag-switch?, recommendations to start the
disk boot, interrupt it and then immediately do the boot from CD etc. None
of the above worked so as a last resort I resurrected another Solaris 8
install CD and booted from it and this worked.... even though the original
Solaris 8 CD could be read successfully by the Ultra 5 after having booted
from disk!! Obviously some slight read incompatibility between the CD-ROM
drive and the CD. So, the above is another possible cause of the "Fast Data
Access MMU Miss" message - from what I can see, this error message is a
catch-all SUN error message which can be very hard to troubleshoot...

Anyway, thanks to all who replied,
John Kelly.
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