Summary: Solaris directory file size

From: Phillip Smith <>
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 12:20:15 EDT
In order of received response, thanks to the following for their ideas and

Ozgur C. Demir
Grzegorz Bakalarski
Baranyai Pal
Trey Valenta
Jay Lessert
Darren Dunham
Kevin Buterbaugh
Russell C. Page

The general concensus was that many files were being rapidly
created/deleted, and a great deal of fragmentation was occuring.  Many
also suggested it was an application related problem.

After more tests, it would appear that 'mlock', a small C program that is
part of UW-IMAP and used for allowing ipop3d/imapd to create lock files in
/var/mail with 775 permission, is the culprit.  Getting rid of mlock and
setting permission to 1777 stopped the exponential directory file size

We've run many torture tests on other filesystems to try and reproduce
this problem (i.e generated loads much higher than what actually takes
place on the real mail servers).  It's still questionable how one tiny
little application can cause so much fragmentation in such a short period
of time.

Thanks again to those who responded.

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