SUMMARY: V480 jumpstart from Linux boot server [UPDATE]

From: Stephen Schaefer <>
Date: Tue Aug 05 2003 - 17:39:14 EDT
I had some folks ask that I report on my experience with "boot net:dhcp
- install".

I was able to get a "boot net:dhcp - install" to use an ISC (linux
based) 3.0 DHCP server directing the v480 to boot from a known working
Solaris jumpstart server on a different subnet.  You'll find a lightly
edited version of the dhcpd.conf file working dhcpd.conf file attached.
Note that the DHCP server is not the same as the TFTP server
(next-server directive).  I was surprised to find that the 'option
host-name "jumper";' was mandatory. (Replace "jumper" with the
appropriate jumpstart client name.)  Although it is likely that the
option could be replaced by a hostname specification in the sysidcfg
file, not specifying a hostname at all causes an interactive session on
the console to collect the sysidcfg information.  I had thought an
address-to-name lookup from the available name servers would happen, but
that does not occur.

Packet sniffing (snoop/ethereal/tcpdump) revealed that the name by which
the TFTP kernel was being requested was "SUNW.Sun-Fire-480R".  The
add_install_client script on the jumpstart server did not create that:
rather it created a symbolic link from /tftpboot/inetboot..Solaris_8-1
to itself (broken, and not on the machine where it would be used), so I
ran an explicit "ln -s inetboot.SUN4U.jumpstart-1 SUNW.Sun-Fire-480R" on
the TFTP server host (from which I'd previously tried the RARP/ARP
jumpstart).  It seems likely that in this environment, the
add_install_client script is unnecessary.

    - Stephen

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