SUMMARY: Sun Ray screen savers and blanking

From: Daniel Baldoni <>
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 15:51:28 EDT
G'day folks,

A synopsis of my original question was:

> I have a server running Solaris 8 2/02 (with very recent Recommended and J2SE
> patch clusters installed) acting as a Sun Ray 2.0 server.
> Part of the project was to develop a custom screensaver (which simply
> displays a couple of lines of text at randomly chosen locations every few
> minutes - very light CPU load).  The screen-saver works perfectly when run by
> an ordinary (aka non-root) user on the server console and appears to work
> when run (by the same user) on a Sun Ray terminal.  But, almost instantly,
> the terminal's display goes blank - as if it's gone into power-save mode.
> What I want to know is - does anybody know how to turn off that blanking?
> Above, I said the screen-saver appears to run - it appears in the process
> list for the user (and debugging log information is written as expected).  We
> just don't get the display we expect - or if we do, we only get it for a few
> seconds before the screen blanks completely.

Surprisingly, there were no suggestions from the list (and the only reply in
comp.sys.sun.admin was wrong).  However, I believe I have cracked the problam
and want this in the archives...

The solution appears to be the (undocumented) program utdevctl (in
/opt/SUNWut/lib).  The following command:
	echo disp_blank 0 | /opt/SUNWut/lib/utdevctl
given by the user at the start of a session appears to work.

This has now been working on a terminal (located right behind me as I type
this) for a couple of hours.  However, remember that utdevctl is undocumented
(I found it by lookin at what utset does) - to the extent that a search on found nothing.

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	mail which correctly has the "Precedence: Bulk" Header?
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