SUMMARY: Generic SCSI vs SUN Brand Hard Disk

From: Yar Baily <>
Date: Mon Jul 21 2003 - 16:28:36 EDT
Many thanks to the following for commenting on my question ( at the bottom)
regarding replacing 36 GB SCSI hard disk in a Netra A1000 with a generic (
Not from SUN) hard disk.

Azzopardi Konrad,        Cole Oshaughnessy,            Ttrey Valenta,
Christopher Wilkinson,            Vandevegt,    James Matthew,        Walter
Jay Lessert,            Rich Teer,            Tim Chipman,
Mads Vaagland,            Joe Fletcher,        Eugene Schmidt

More or less every one has pointed out the following :

If the system is under contract with SUN then it is not recommended.
Otherwise, technically speaking, it can be done but may face some problems
due to firmware mismatch that exists on disks from SUN.

One option is to buy same refurbished model disks from SUN or 3rd party
Some responses have suggested that even if it is not tha same make and
model, any 3rd party disk of same size would work.

In my case, I have no contarcat with SUN and standard warranty has long
expired. Therefore, I am going to get different make and model than
currently in the Netra system and replace all the disks at this point.

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Subject: Generic SCSI vs SUN Brand Hard Disk

Can any one please comment if SUN supplied SCSI hard disks can be replaced
with any SCSI hard disk in a RAID5 - Netra st A1000 unit, that has same
i.e. size, speed and SCSI type e.t.c. SUN wants  almost $2400 for
while in the open market it cost less than $300.

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