SUMMARY: Where Can I Find A TFTP Binary That Will Transfer Files > 30 Meg

From: feveritt <>
Date: Tue Jul 22 2003 - 11:12:58 EDT
Thanks to all that replied and especially to Casper Dik who provided the 
big clue.

What Casper pointed out was that Sun's in.tftpd binary complies with 
rfc783 and rfc2348 which allows block size negotiation with the server. 
So, if an application can do the negotiation, then all that needs to be 
done is to have the user pick a block size that will allow the size of 
the file to be transferred. There's no good way to get around the block 
counter mechanism that restricts the number of blocks to 65536 without 
modifying the tftpd source, so I've chosen the easy way and will specify 
blksize to accomplish what I need to do.

One other tidbit needs to be mentioned here and that is it appears that 
Sun's in.tftpd binary complies with the rfc2348 starting with the 
Solaris 9 release. Copying the Solaris 9 binary to the Solaris 8 server 
appears not to cause any problems. We'll need to be aware of our change 
in the event a patch is installed that contains a new Solaris 8 binary 
for the tftp daemon that doesn't comply with rfc2348.


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