SUMMARY(?): EMC Clariion CX-400 and Solaris

From: Michael Gleibman <>
Date: Thu Jul 17 2003 - 11:19:28 EDT
Good day,

this is a kind of partial and late summary of my earlier question,
which i posted some 2-3 weeks ago regarding our continuous problems with
Clariion CX-400 disk storage array and, therefore, 2 Solaris servers
connected to it. 
It is late, since the problem remained (with variations) till last
It is partial, since we're not sure yet it's gone...

First of all, I'd like to thank all the people who have helped me with
their valuable advises, namely: Kevin Buterbaugh, Hichael Morton, Joe
Fletcher, Kris Briscoe.

Solution (?):
EMC completely replaced the box with new one, same model, but newer
hardware and software revisions. The exact reason is still unclear.
We're not at the peak load right now so i'm not sure the problem went
away, but so far so good...

Short problem description:
We have an EMC Clariion CX-400 connected to two
SUN-Fire 480R boxes - one runs Oracle server and uses LUN 0 on EMC,
another performs as NFS server and uses LUN 1 on the EMC. 
Now - since some time ago the EMC started doing weird things -
LUNs between SPs, failed disks, restored them and so on. After all, we
even lost one of the LUNs and had to restore some data from backups.
Now, both SPs in the box have been replaced to the latest h/w
the firmware has been upgraded to the latest release, one disk has
replaced. The whole array hasn't rebooted after that completely but
partially rebooted (one SP at a time) 11-12 times during 2 weeks.

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