SUMMARY: Dual, Triple, or more Booting w/ Solaris Only

From: Sun Manager <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 09:28:13 EDT

Yes, it is doable.  I may need to install the bootblock and be careful
with /etc/vfstab, but it should be simple to do especially when NIS/NIS+
or other sharing and security concerns are not an issue.

Original Question:

   Just a quick and perhaps obvious/simple question: Would it be
possible to install several installations of Solaris on different
partitions and make them all bootable?
   The goal is having a machine where a client can turn on the machine,
and at the OK prompt (assuming auto-boot? False), type: `boot michael`
or `boot john` etc. (which maps to slice 0, slice 1, etc), giving
everyone an independent version of the OS.
   I would assume if this is possible you would just install over and
over to each slice, while preserving previous installs and then setting
up nvalias's.

Think it's do-able?
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