SUMMARY (of sorts): Jumpstart "locale" error

From: Brown, Mike (REO) <>
Date: Fri Jun 27 2003 - 08:50:12 EDT
Well, it's not perfect but I'm a lot closer than I was.
Many thanks to Roman Pestka for his help.

I wasn't actually using `sysidcfg` for my install, I was entering config data
My `locale` (correct syntax for a profile keyword) setting was configured in
my profile but, try as I might, I couldn't seem to get it to work from there,
even though it is listed as a valid option.

Roman's advice was to incorporate it into a `sysidcfg` file, remembering here
that the correct syntax is `system_locale`.
It appears then that the system automatically sets the locale to the default
for that country, (ie: en_GB for Britain), and you have to manually update it
in /etc/default/init afterwards ....................... unless of course
someone else knows otherwise.

I'm happ(ier)y now though.

Mike R. Brown

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> From: 	Brown, Mike (REO)
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> Subject:	Jumpstart "locale" error
> Have been upgrading a Solaris server, currently running 2.6, up to 8 using
> Included in the profile is the line;
> "locale         en_GB.ISO8859-15"
> ..... and yet when it comes to installation time, the process aborts with
the following error;
> "ERROR: Field 2 - Invalid locale for Solaris CD image (en_GB.ISO8859-15)"
> Easy enough to resolve - remove the line from the profile, let the system
set the locale to the default (en_GB), restart the insatll and then modify
/etc/default/init when the process is complete, (to reset the locale to the
desired value).
> Questions;
> Why should I have to do this?
> Why doesn't it like my original entry?
> Have searched high and low for clues - you can guess how far I got!!!
> TIA.
> Mike R. Brown
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