[SUMMARY] RE: Patches

From: F.M. Taylor <root_at_uranium.indstate.edu>
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 16:38:50 EDT
First I would like to publicly thank those who attempted to help me
diagnose this problem. 

Of the responses received 5 attempted to be helpfull, and one yahoo from
yahoo, insisted on sending me the FAQ multiple times and was generally
insulting.  Actually most of the responses were kinda insulting, but I
didn't post that I had already tried patching with the -u switch and
it didn't make any difference, so I guess thats my fault.  

The clue came from the first person to ask if the system thought the
patches were there, with a showrev -p.  The answer was yes, EVEN AFTER I
REMOVED THEM.  However, here comes the clue, when doing a showrev -p the
system complained about a missing file in /var/sadm/pkg POOF the light
came on and I knew where to look.  The pkginfo file was missing, so I
copied the one from the patch to the proper directory, tried to apply the
patch again.  This time the system complained that the patch was broken
and I should re-apply it.  This was done and the system was then happy.

I tripple checked the FAQ, and [no supprise] the words showrev or pkginfo
do not appear.  The sections concerning patches did not apply.

HOWEVER, the two parts of the FAQ that seem to have been missed by the
idiot insisted on sending it to me multiple times are 1.2.3 and the last
sentence of 1.2.13.  It's true, and I will remember the name (and
share my opinion with my peers)...... 

I have included the original responses to give credit where credit is
due, I even included one of the messages from the "jerk of the world" so
you may filter future messages from this "less than helpfull" A**hole.

Sorry for the rant, some peoples kids, ya know...


>From ccampbell@brueggers.com Mon Jun 23 14:28:27 2003

Did you try forcing the install using the -u switch?

>From kevin.kwast@dhs.state.tx.us Mon Jun 23 14:28:33 2003

Try patchadd -u to add the ones that are giving you a hard time.  Does
"showrev -p" show that you already have 108987 and 112396 installed?  I'm
not sure why you're getting an error about 112396, I don't show that patch
being a prerequisite or included in Solaris 8 MU7 (which I happen to be
installing on an E3500 myself as we speak).  112396-02 is in the recommended
batch bundle that I put on after applying MU7.

>From reggiebeavers@fstha.com Mon Jun 23 14:28:44 2003

To re-install patches in general, use the "-u" 
option: pathadd -u <patchdir>

>From awk@carolina.rr.com Mon Jun 23 14:28:56 2003

Have you tried the patchadd -u (unconditional) option?
Does the patch show up in showrev -p?

Sorry to answer a question with a question...

>From joe.fletcher@btconnect.com Mon Jun 23 14:29:10 2003

You probably need to patch the patch system. There's a 
list of pre-reqs for each version of Solaris listed on 

>From mh1272@yahoo.com Mon Jun 23 14:29:58 2003
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 19:20:46 -0400
From: Hichael Morton <mh1272@yahoo.com>
To: F.M. Taylor <root@uranium.indstate.edu>
Subject: Re: Patches

did you post a summary?

i didn't see one.

please read the section of the faq concerning summaries?

i guess you missed the applicable section of the faq that dealt with the 
original question.

F.M. Taylor wrote:
> I have read the faq.  Multiple times.
> While sun ssupport may haave been able to solve my problem, a couple of my
> fellow sysadmins, while waxing diagnostic, managed to help me solve the
> problem in only a few minutes (totally by accident).  It would have take
> sun a couple of hours.
> [blank] you very much.
> On Thu, 19 Jun 2003, Hichael Morton wrote:
>>call sun support.
>>that's why you buy a contract.
>>please read the faq for this mailing list.

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> From: F.M. Taylor [mailto:root@uranium.indstate.edu]
> Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 9:29 PM
> To: sunmanagers@sunmanagers.org
> Subject: Patches
> I could call sun, but this will probably be faster.
> I am aattempting to instaall MU7 on an e3500.  It keeps telling me to
> install patches 108987 and 112396.  So I install the paatches, which fail
> saying that they are already installed.  So I remove the packages,
> which fail, with the error that they are not installed, and so on and so
> on, round and round.
> Solutions??

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