SUMMARY: ufs, logging, and fsck

From: Bischof Jr., Ralph F. <>
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 10:56:43 EDT

First, I want to thank everyone! I wish that I had known of this list a long
time ago. First, the original question...

> 	Sun V880. Solaris 9. Several ufs file systems. Two of these are .5TB each.
> The other day, Mr. Exabyte decided to lock up Mr. SCSI channel to the point
> that a reboot was required. The system could not shutdown properly and the
> file systems were left in an inconsistent state. Due to a mandatory fsck of
> the file systems, it took two hours to boot.
> 	In looking at the man page for mount_ufs, there is a "logging" option. I
> had no experience with such. It mentions that it logs the complete
> for ufs. It also mentions that it will take 1MB of free space for each 1GB
> file system, up to a max of 64MB. Of course, the reason that I am
> in this option is to do away with the fsck need.
> 	Since 500GB is much more than 64GB, can I use it at all? If so, what type
> performance hit will I see? Since I am running an Oracle database on one
> system and writing regular ascii log files on another, is this just a
> idea? Are there are other issues that may affect my situation (and my job)?

	The log file is circular. It will flush when needed, regardless of the size
of the file system. No discernible performance loss in several private tests,
and some have even noticed an improvement depending upon the type of data I/O.
In short, a good idea for boot times when there has been a sync issue. More
testing and research needs to be done with the Oracle database on the file

	Another thought (for performance reasons) is the VxFS file system that also
does logging. My last thought is moving Mr. ExabyteJuke (EX-480) over to a
dedicated backup server machine and get it off my workhorse.

My appreciation (and a cyber drink of choice) to...
Steven Haywood
Tony Irvine
Matthew Moncaster
Walter Heukels
Martin Hepworth
Marcelino Mata
Rich Kulawiec
Charles Homan

Thank you,
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