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Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 10:52:26 EDT
Many thanks to :
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Original Question:
A1000 (with rm6 )attached to a SUN Enterprise running SOl 8 10/01
I want to move to Solaris 9 but make a FULL FRESH Install not an upgrade,
can I do this without loosing information and data on the A1000 ?
General consensus:
The configuration is stored on the A1000 itself so there is no need to do
anything (confirmed by sun hotline)
For example One can unplug the A1000 and move it to another machine.

Also confirmed by SUN The A1000 is supported on Sol 9
SO install Solaris 9
Get last version of rm6--> rm6.22.01.54    (needed under Sol 9)
Install it 
Power on A1000
and boot -r

To be prudent save the actual configuration under rm6 ( configuration:File->save module profile ) (an ASCII text) and also backup data.....

Since this machine is a production machine, the install is planned for end of june.
So in case of problem (even minors) I will repost a full summary.
Many thanks to this list 

Rene Occelli
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