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Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 12:48:33 EDT
Many thanks to all who kindly replied to my message:

Shawn Williams, Peter Stokes, Darren Dunham, Hichael Morton and Luc I. Suryo

The fix was simple as you all mentioned i.e. touch /reconfigure , init 0, boot

It worked the magic. Thanks again

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Sent: 27 May 2003 21:14
Subject: PGX32 - TSI - CDE

  I had a 220R server with Solaris 8 installed but without a graphics card.
Now, I have installed a PGX32 card physically in the machine. I get a
for command line but I can not run openwin.
  It gives me an error message saying : /dev/fb : no such directory
  Graphic Access Card /dev/fb is of unknown type.

  I have looked at the /dev directory and no /fb sub-directory exists there
though all the TSI packages are installed.

  I have also checked for the CDE packages and they are installed there too.

   Could some one please tell me what to do next, should I remove the TSI
packages and install them from Solaris CD. OR should I create the ' fb'
manually but then how to configure the PCI device there ? Or do I need to
install CDE again?

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