SUMMARY: SunPCi3 on older hardware

From: Parkins, Larye (NIH/NIAID) <>
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 12:16:11 EDT
This says it all, thanks to Tom Crummey for a quick response.

The PCI3 card doesn't work in the Ultra5/10. It needs the 64bit PCI slot. We
tried it and it doesn't even power up.

Original post:

Has anyone installed a SunPCi3 in an older machine, i.e., Ultra 5 or Ultra

We had plans to install a SunPCi2 in an Ultra 10, but Sun is now shipping
SunPCi3, and the U/10 dropped off the hardware compatibility list in the
release notes.

The immediate differences I see are that version 3 has an additional
daughterboard for extra USB and firewire ports, so it takes up three PCI
slots with all options installed instead of two slots.

We have a Plan B, which involves moving around existing SunPCi2 cards and
reassigning workstations, but my clients are looking for a second opinion
before approving.

1) physical fit of main board, daughterboard, and serial/parallel connector
(if used).
2) firmware compatibility, i.e., if you have installed, what version of OBP
firmware do you have?
3) power consumption/cooling considerations

Will summarize.
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