SUMMARY (not) Point-to-point mode - X6768A and SE3510FC

From: Jeffrey Tay <>
Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 21:38:36 EDT
Hi Managers,

Would like to thank przemolicc for his reply; who suggested going to point
to point mode after getting the switch.

My intention was to "insert" the switch in transparently later so that I
wouldn't have to worry about card configuration at that point.

I tried connecting the hba to a Compaq San Switch 8 (brocade 2400), the
card showed up as a L port

I tried connecting the storage (set to point to point mode) to this
switch, and it couldn't do a proper fabric login. This switch works fine
in a full fabric config with Compaq HSG80 controllers. I might need a Sun
branded switch to make that happen.

Eventually I just went back to loop mode; probably I'll cross the bridge
when I reach it.

Best regards

Original Question follows.

On Fri, 23 May 2003, Jeffrey Tay wrote:

> Hi Managers,
> I'm trying to link a StorEdge 3510FC and a V480 (Solaris 9) with a X6768A dual
> 2Gbps fibrechannel hba.
> On the 3510FC I've forced it to point to point mode (trying to avoid loop mode,
> since I might get a switch and go full fabric in future).
> On the host, I've loaded the SUNWsan packages and friends. However when the
> server boots up I get some messages (sorry don't have them with me right now)
> to the effect that the topology was unknown.
> The qlogic hba manuals (for the retail qlogic products) talks of a show-
> connection-mode and corresponding "set" commands to force the HBA topology at
> the openboot prom, but the commands have no effect on my system.
> Has anyone ever got this card to work in point-to-point mode successfully?
> I've browsed usenet and found some postings to the effect that Sun could
> have "de-featured" these cards when they rebadged it, could my card be crippled
> already?
> Thanks for any hints, I will summarise.
> Regards
> Jeffrey
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