SUMMARY: Loading Solaris Recommended Patches on Mirrored Veritas Root Disk

From: Hargrave, Mark E <>
Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 09:30:06 EDT
Thanks to all who replied!

The general consensus is that my procedure will work.
Johan Hartzenberg added some great suggestions.  Here's
the final procedure:

1. Un-mirror the Root Disk.
2. Shutdown system and perform test and boot up from Secondary Root Disk.
3. If all is ok shutdown system and reboot off Primary Root Disk.
4. Install patches.
5. Reboot system.
6. If all is ok mirror the Primary Root Disk back to Secondary Root Disk
7. If the system will not reboot:
   - boot Secondary Root Disk (mirror)
   - mirror to Primary Root Disk

Also note:  Patch-clusters commonly re-install files into /etc/rc2.d and
/etc/rc3.d, so services which you carefully disabled may get re-enabled!
Also file permissions gets re-set, etc. So you need to re-apply your
security hardening and restrictions after a patch cluster installation.


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> -----Original Message-----
> I'm in the process of writing up a procedure for installing Solaris
> recommended patches on a UNIX Solaris server that has a mirrored 
> Veritas Volume Manager Root Disk.  
> I'm assuming I can do the following:
> 1. Un-mirror the Root Disk.
> 2. Install patches.
> 3. Reboot system.
> 4. If all is ok mirror the Root Disk back to secondary disk
> 5. If the system will not reboot:
>    - boot to secondary Root Disk (mirror)
>    - mirror to primary Root Disk
> Am I on the right track?
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