[SUMMARY] latest patch cluster kills access via ssh???

From: Chris Hoogendyk <choogend_at_library.umass.edu>
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 13:21:54 EDT
William Enestvedt wrote:

>>What is it that is getting changed and not working with this 
>>patch cluster?
>   I think it has something to do with a patch that changes around the pam.conf file, adding an environment variable into some of the paths. Have you rebooted?
>Will Enestvedt
>UNIX System Administrator
>Johnson & Wales University -- Providence, RI

ahhh, reboot. fixed.

I often do the patches late in the day and save the reboots for first 
thing the next morning. Today I was in late, so I was going to wait 
until tomorrow morning to reboot. But, nobody can log in. So....

Now, if I am going to do this to the rest of my servers, I will have to 
plan the patch and reboot in such a way as to not disrupt service. I 
suppose I'll have to hook up from home first thing in the morning, 
install the patches & reboot before anyone gets to work.


Other suggestions were to

check inetd.conf and services if I was launching sshd from there. I'm 
not. It's S97sshd2 in /etc/rc3.d.

check for an empty nologin file in /etc. No such file.

someone else pointed to the pam & ldap patches and said they could be 
backed out if we didn't use those. That would lead to the pain of having 
to deal with that every time I did another patch cluster. Luckily, the 
reboot did it. Next patch cluster will see that patch already in and I 
won't have to deal with it anymore (unless they do it again ;,).


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