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From: Walse Chen <>
Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 17:50:00 EDT
My original question:

Hi folks,
>I've seen a lot the "Solaris" system built, the /usr stay at the same 
>filesystem as /. What are the good reasons for that?  I thinks it is good 
>to keep / filesystem as small so that speedy booting, and  there is less 
>risk to recover the /usr if it resident on the different filesystem. Any 

Many thanks to everyone to answer my question.

Most of them think it is good to have seperated /usr filesystem for small 
disk and old system, it is not nesserary to get it separated in recently, 
big disk and fast system. Colin coverd key aspect as following:

I see no purpose at all in keeping /usr separate from / anymore.
If you lose a disk, losing /usr is not really any less damaging than
losing / these days. In the near future (with Solaris 10), /usr will
be required for bringing a system up at all--there will be no more
statically linked binaries in /sbin.

As for performance, / and /usr combined are such a small piece of
a modern disk that there won't be any noticable improvement by
keeping them separate--maybe not even measurable.

On the other hand, having more partitions means more administration.
You have more entries in /etc/vfstab, more metadevices (if using
disksuite, or vxvm), and more things that can go wrong. You have
increased your administrative overhead and gained roughly nothing.

Remember, the biggest reason for having /usr separate was because the
disks weren't big enough to avoid it, and most of the 'safety features'
(statically linked /sbin commands) were developed to work around that


I can argue for this situation, if the /usr/lib/ and 
/usr/lib/ are corrupted, ls, ftp and metainit, metadetach and etc. 
are no longer work, if /usr at separated file system, it will be easier to 
recover it and need not to bother /.

Thanks you for any input again.


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