SUMMARY: Sys Admin(Changing Job) Starter Guide !

From: Levi Ashcol <>
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 12:24:33 EDT
Thanks to:
Bradley White,Colin Bigam , Jim Winkle, Tim Kirby, 
David B Harrington, Martin hepworth, Brian Dunbar, 
Ken McKinlay, sisiro, ttg(Tim), Kevin Korb.

Sorry for the late SUMMARY but changing job is a headache !
I came up with some sort of checklist and here it is:

  1- Technical:
	Operating System:
	-Installation Methods(CD-ROM, Network-Jumpstart, Flash).
	-Filesystems Map (/, /usr, /var,..).
	-Kernel Parameters.
	-Patch Installation Policy.
	-Drivers For Added HW (NICs,HBAs.)(CDs/Manuals
       /Special settings and requirements)
	-Startup Scripts.
	-Added OS packages and Administration tools (SunVTS, 
	 SunForum ...Freeware tools?).
	-Logical Volume SW/Configuration
	-Backup HW/SW/Schedule/Policies/Storage
	-Crontab Jobs
	-NT/UNIX ineroperability(Samba/Syntax..,Xserver emulation)

	-Installation Methods(CDs/Centralized)
	-Special Settings and environment variables
	-Startup scripts locations
	-Essential services/daemons to be run for the application
	-Support Contracts
	-Fixes/Special Patches for the applications

	-IP Settings (Static/DHCP)
	-Network Map/Topology (Masks/Gateways/VLANs)
	-Network Speed(Auto/Forced)
	-Proxy/Firewall settings
	-Directory/Naming Services(NIS/NIS+/LDAP/DNS).
	-Network Services enabled (NTP/HTTP/FTP,.).
	-Shared Filesystems/Mount options.  

  2- IT Management Related.
	-IT servers room access control and saftey standards.
	-Daily Operational routine tasks.
	-Change Management Policy.
	-System Security Policy/Standard/SW/HW
	-System monitoring SW/Policy.
	-Documentation Methodology.
	-Service Level Agreements.(uptime expectations, 
       problem tracking, escalation procedures,how do customers raise
	- System Inventory(Servers/Workstations/Disk Arrays/
	  Automated Tape Libraries/Special Interfaces and 
	  their support contracts/contact list.
	-Role in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

  3- Job Related 
	-Company Code of Ethics.
	-Performance Indicators.
	-Personal Development Plans.
  4- Misc
	-Politics: Be very careful to keep your opinions on coworkers 
	 and vendors to yourself.
	-Find out who the people(DBAs, NetAdmin) you'll be working with 
	 are, and what the lines between you and them.
	-The teamwork will develop as they begin to trust you and 
	 you begin to trust them.
	-Any alternate people available, so you can go on vacation.
	-Practice your smile, relax, and get ready to enjoy your
	 new job(Where is the Snack/Soda machine?)

Bradley White recommended reading
"The Practice of System and Network Administration" by Limoncelli &

Cheers !


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Subject: OT: Sys Admin(Changing Job) Starter Guide !

Hi all,
I will be moving shortly to another company as a senior SUN Solaris
system admin. 
Being responsible of a site that is totally new for me is a nightmare !
I am also afraid not to find teamwork sprit and cooperation from other
sys admins in the new company ! 

My question is: 

Anybody has a draft starter guide for the sys admin whom are about to
change his company ?
I mean what should I first ask for or need to know?

I am thinking about things like:
 - HW/Network/SW (Inventory, Configuration, licenses, support
 - Backup HW/SW/Policy/Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
 - Daily Routine tasks.
 - Logical Volume SW/techniques.
 - OS/Application/Fixes/Patches installation/application policy.
 - Change Management Policy.
 - System Security Policy/Standard.
 - System monitoring SW/Policy.
 - Documentation Methodology.
 - Service Level Agreements.

Did I miss something ? Anyone had a detailed document/URL/Checklist that
can be useful ?

I will appreciate any pointer and will indeed summarize.


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