SUMMARY: disk drive model# from shell? Fibre Channel problems...

From: NetComrade <>
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 10:36:12 EDT
The feelings about a5200 were mixed, some said "we never had such
problems", others said "a single disk failure causes the entire disk array
to fail", and Sun is of course, helpless..


There seem to be a couple of tools that can display disk model #:

./ -v disk
which can be found at

there is also a 3rd party tool called  scsiinfo

But I didn't really look into either of those.
Apparently you can use luxadm display <enc>,disk to get that info
But even better you can use 
iostat -En (was told works on sol8,9, but worked on 7 as well).
(it's better, b/c it's faster)

Anyway, before I got the last answer, I already used luxadm display:

for a in a b c d; do   for b in f r ; do  for i in 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
;do printf "array: $a disk: $b,$i "; luxadm display $a,$b$i|grep Pr
oduct| awk '{print $3}';done;done; done;

Thanks to
Pascal Grostabussiat
David Foster
Jay Lessert

For their kind answers/suggestions.

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, NetComrade wrote:

> We've been having some weird issues where a single drive failure causes
> problems all over the place. In one case we lost an entire mirror set
> (running in split loop configuration), and recently a single drive failure
> causes disk groups to take 20-30 mins to import/export (even disk groups
> that didn't have this drive). Additionally, luxadm display would hang on
> displaying that particular array. Sun said 
> "any components/node in the loop will be affected by a failure and will
> cause the loop to respond slower/ sometimes not responding (meaning
> hanging)."
> But I don't buy that, since we never had disk failures cause so many
> problems before.
> Additionally, Sun is complaining about us running an 'unsupported sun
> config' (we have 4 a5200's instead of 3 they say we can have max).
> Another issue that we are researching, is that one of the disk arrays
> might have non-sun drives (e.g. seagate disks put into sun shells),
> therefore we want to update the firmware on those drives. The problem is,
> we need to know the model numbers of drives in order to get the latest
> patches from Sun site.
> Anybody knows how to do that from shell? Any other ideas would be
> appreciated.
> Our setup:
> 3xe4500, 4 Sun FC 8 port hubs, 4 disk arrays, split loop config (front
> loop, rear loop)
> Thanks.
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