SUMMARY: ultra 2 boot fail

From: RJ45 <>
Date: Fri Apr 25 2003 - 05:18:29 EDT
The solution was to install latest OBP+POST and the problem did not occour
I noticed anyway the system power LED on the frontal panel did not work, I
inspected further and I Saw on the motherboard the power led is missing.
I found it inside and the LED was detached from motherboard because of a
hit I think. acrually I bought the ultra2 in USA and they shipped it to me
in Europe.
it does not really look like a standard LED butit looks like smaller of a
regular pin jumper it has a circular windows on the fase of its plastic
surface with a symbol on it, the symbol is something like

--|  |--

consider that the piece is very small as smal las a jumper.
I think it is a LED because I Saw these kind of LEDs on many hard disks
Does the LED detach from the motherboard can be an ISSUE on proper
functioning ?

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