SUMMARY: Reboot of server, tape drive keeps on "incrementing" in in /dev/r mt

From: Schoep, Grant _at_ STORM <_at_>
Date: Wed Apr 16 2003 - 09:21:00 EDT
Sorry for the late summary. I decided to take the weekend off!

Ok, my main question was sometimes when I do a "boot -r" Solaris just
decides to increment the device number of my tape drive. I just wanted to
know how to reset this. Two ways, one with a reboot, one without. I haven't
tried the without method however.

# cd /dev/rmt
# rm *
At this point you could reboot(boot -r) or run the following.
# drvconfig
# tapes
# devlinks
# /usr/ucb/ucblinks


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Subject: Re: Reboot of server, tape drive keeps on "incrementing" in in
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> I think we have a tape drive going bad(its really acting flaky now
> preventing good backups hence my last email).
> But almost everytime I do a boot -r (reconfigure), on the box, the OS
> sometimes decideds to increment the device in /dev/rmt. Meaning. Just
> yestereday it was /dev/rmt/5, now after a boot -r, it is /dev/rmt/6. Its
> done this before which is why I was up to 5 to begine with.
> So. Other than the drive going bad, is there away I can make it NOT do
> Or at least make it reset back down to 1? I was thinking I could probably
> boot to single user mode, remove the contents of /dev/rmt, and then do a
> touch reconfigure, or boot -r from Openboot to rebuild the tree from
> scratch.
> Will that work?

yes, done that maytime...

> Using Solaris 2.6(latest patches as of about 5 months ago) on an Ultra 2
> with about 20 disks hanging off it(our heavily abused machine)

hmm 2.6 :( have you check if there is ANY st. patch available that you
might not have installed yet???

i had major problem with 2.6 (tape issue only).. glad i'm running 2.8 now ;)

Kind regards,
Luc Suryo
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