SUMMARY: StorEdge T3 password reset

From: Benny Anderson <>
Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 19:48:26 EDT
Hey thanks a million to all the following:
Zaigui Wang
Moises Nicolas
ceferino santander III
Steve Armijo
Jim Ennis

I am currently working on a StorEdge T3 Disk Array
which was obtained
through acquisition, and I do not know the current
root password. Is
there anyway to reset this password at the EPROM
level, or through
tftpboot. I am not concerned with saving any info on
the current

The T3 serial connection kit is special and you might have to order
from Sun (about $40 - USD) if you did not get one with the T3.

1. Stop all I/O going to the T3(s). 

2. Connect a console cable from the master unit to a
video terminal and power 
off all units (both trays in a partner group). 

3. Power up the master unit (leave alternate master
off) and interrupt the boot 
process by hitting RETURN when you see the following

"hit the RETURN key within X seconds to cancel..." 

NOTE: If you leave the alternate master on, the T3
Operating System (OS) will 
continue to boot. Eventually, the OS will assume there
is a problem with the 
master (that we interrupted), disable it, and make
itself the master. 

4. At the "T300-EP" prompt, use the 'set passwd'
command to view (and 
memorize...) the password. 

5. Type 'reset' to reboot, and immediately power on
the alternate master (if 

6. If you choose, you can change the password after it
boots with the 'passwd' 
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