SUMMARY: stopping broadcast boot on jumpstart?

From: Christopher L. Barnard <>
Date: Thu Apr 03 2003 - 14:43:20 EST
I asked:

> We have a jumpstart server available to do flash-updates on other servers.
> When a client does a "boot net install" everything works fine and we have
> a built and configured server.  The problem is that when this is done every
> other system on that network that filters rpcbind reports a failed rpc
> connection.  This sends our monitoring applications and the people watching
> them into a tizzy.  When I asked Sun about this problem, they said I just
> have to live with it ... the net part of the boot is a broadcast and
> there is nothing I can do about it.  I do not like the phrase "there is
> nothing you can do about it".  So, has anyone figured out a way to do a
> jumpstart without doing an initial broadcast boot from the client
> machine?  If I could somehow tell the client to boot from a specific
> IP, all would be good with the world.

The answer:

There is nothing I can do about it.

"boot net" does a broadcast, and that is built into the OBP.  I have to
live with the rpcbind failure messages.

Several people mentioned doing this on an isolated network, which is what
we do when it is feasible.  But when doing a live upgrade to an existing
server, we can't move the server to a lab or string another network cable
to the box temporarily.  This is done over the network dedicated for backups,
so it doesn't interfere with anything on the production networks.  But since
every server is on the backup network they all see and report the violation.

Thanks to the many folks who took the time to respond.

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