SUMMARY: FC HBA model number discovery

From: Brett Lanham <>
Date: Tue Apr 01 2003 - 11:07:48 EST
Thanks to Joe Fletcher, Cyril Plisko, Bertrand Hutin, Pascal Brostabussiat,
Bryan Moore, Roman Pestka, Bob Green, and Juergen Waiblinger.

Several people mentioned using lputil ( usually in /usr/sbin/lpfc/ ).  I
tried that but it says no adaptors found.  Not sure why because I'm 99% sure
there are emulex HBAs in the box.  We actually have 2 of the using ATF
(application transparent failover) which maybe has something to do with why
lputil doesn't show them?  If anyone has more info on that please feel free
to share.  Another suggestion someone mentioned was prtdiag
(/usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/prtdiag).  I had tried this before but in my
haste I looked right past the fact that the model was listed as LP8000.
Excuse me while I hide behind my embarassment.  Anyway if it weren't for the
list I might not have gone back so thanks to everyone who replied and anyone
who has ever helped anyone else on this list.

Other suggestions where:

	and a utility someone wrote in perl for system discovery:


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> Subject: FC HBA model number discovery
> I need some help figuring out what hardware is on a remote 220R.
> Specifically I need to determine what the model of a FC HBA 
> is.  I know the
> package for the adapter is lpfc and pkginfo tells me it is an emulex
> lightpulse but it does not give the model number.  I'm alos 
> looked through
> prtconf but that doesn't give that detail of info.  Is there 
> any way for me
> to get more detailed info on the card remotely (via ssh)?  
> Thanks.  I'm sure
> this question has been asked before and I apologize for the 
> redundancy I'm
> just in a pich right now to supply this info.  Thanks for 
> your patience.
> Brett
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