Summary: Using SUNs ISO Images without toasting cd's to install s olaris 9! ?

From: Wanke Matthias <>
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 11:10:24 EST
I had the following question to the List:

To: Sun Managers
Subject: Using SUNs ISO Images without toasting cd's to install solaris
9! ?


i wanted to use the ISO images downlodable from SUN to setup an
installserver of Solaris 9 12/02. I am able to mount the CD's with the help
of lofi but this will give me just the first slice (s0) which is hsfs, the
other slices are ufs and can't seem to be accesses via lofi. Has aynone
tried to disassamble the images in a way the with the help of dd etc. one
can acces all data in the images without actually burning one or more cd's?
My goal is beeing able to do an "setup_install_server" from the images; but
even in the first step the script needs to access slice 1 which contains the
miniroot for jumpstart...


Thanks for you answers; i was able to solve my problem and go ahead with

tkevans []
his has worked for me:
mount -F hsfs -o ro `lofiadm -a /path/to/iso/image` /mnt

Vberg Mats []
Hi, I was able to do what you are trying to do by following the
instructions on

Steve Wills []
(This Link didn't work for me!)

some source ;-) told me that one can look at the first block of the ISO
Image and use the info there to extract the second slice which in turn can
be mounted with lofi as ufs; have a look at the other links to get more
S1=`dirname $1`/slice1_`basename $1`
set -A vtoc `od -D -j 452 -N 8 < sol-9-u2-sparc-v1.iso | nawk ' $2 !~ /^$/ {
print $2*640,$3*1 }'`
dd if=$INPUT of=$S1 bs=512 skip=${vtoc[0]} count=${vtoc[1]}

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