From: Dave McNeill <>
Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 04:42:15 EST
Thanks to Mike, Steve and Matt who reminded me that the correct place
to set environment variables is in profile scripts (/etc/profile,
~/.profile, etc). I guess I wanted the convenience of setting a system
wide default, without hacking /etc/profile.

Thanks also to George who suggests that Sun_SSH is less secure than
OpenSSH and that I should consider using OpenSSH on Solaris 9 instead. I
would welcome anybody else's thoughts on this.


>>> "Dave McNeill" <> 18/03/03
15:25:02 >>>
I've started using Sun_SSH on Solaris 9 boxes instead of OpenSSH. When
I connect to A Sun_SSH server I get the following PATH:

$ echo $PATH

This seems a bit braindead to me. With OpenSSH, I used to get a
sensible default PATH. If I didn't like it I could always change the
default at compile time. Why doesn't the Sun version read
/etc/default/login? Do I have to hack /etc/profile? Am I right - this
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