SUMMARY Re: Triple Mirror Backup Advice, incl. how can a script find outSDS status

From: Matthew Moncaster <>
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 03:52:33 EST
Thanks to Darren Dunham and John Eisenschmidt for their swift replies.

I asked how to implement a triple mirror based backup scheme using
Solstice Disk Suite. The basic answer (which worked last night) is:

1) run a script mirror3 which just does metattach d50 d53 (etc.) to
attach the 3rd submirror to the existnig mirrors. I run this in the
evening. The only reason is performance worries - as we only have 2
HBAs/controllers I prefer to have 2 submirrors during peak hours, 1 on
each HBA/controller

2) add to the backup script, after the database servers are shut down
but before backup:
a) metadetach d50 d53    ie break the 3rd mirrors off
b) mount /dev/md/dsk/d50 /lcopy    ie remount the broken
ex-submirrors on a temporary mountpoint
c) restart the live database servers  (they're Progress and can't be
backed up online)

3) add to the end of the backup script, umount /lcopy  ie unmount
the temp mount pts.

This works. I have not bothered to parse the metastat output yet for
(a) resynching in progress (b) bad disks... will try this tonight

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