SUMMARY: Type 5 Keyboards and USB

From: Jeff D. Allen <>
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 15:12:44 EST
Thanks to the following for replies:
"Anand Chouthai" <> (Stephen D. B. Wolthusen)
Rich Teer <>
"William Enestvedt" <>
Matthew Stier <>

The cheapest solutions were from (suggested by Anand) and Raritan
thru CDW (suggested by Matthew). The NTI adapter was $65 USD and the Raritan
was $79.60 USD but it has a USB cable built-in to connect to the back of the
Sun Blade. You would have to supply your own for the NTI adapter.

URLS for both:



Orginal Message:

> I use a Sun Blade 100 which has USB ports on the back and none of the old Sun 
> keyboard ports (Sbus?), but I prefer the Type 5 keyboards over the new Type 6 
> models. Does anybody know if there are Type 5 keyboards with USB plugs or an
> adapter that lets you plug a Type 5 into a USB port?
> Thanks!

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