Lack of Summary: PCI Slot Issues

From: Mike Myers <>
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 10:55:26 EST
Well I am sad to say that I had only a couple of responses and more for a 
posted summary.  I had the latest patch and all jumpers are in the correct 
position as suggested below by Colin.  However that was one of the few real 
suggestion that I received!  If someone else has an idea, PLEASE let me 
know...TIA  Mike

Hi Mike;

One think you might want to look into is the firmware revision.
There are two PCI related bugs on older firmwares, one of which
cryptically says...

"Ultra-60/80 OBP slot-names property for pci devices is wrong."

The patch for firmware is 106455-11.

The other thing is to make sure that the CPU speed jumper is
set properly. J3001 should be across pins 1-2 for the 300 and 360MHz
CPUs (divide-by-three mode), and pins 2-3 for the 450MHz processors.

Hope this helps.

Colin Bigam

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From: "Mike Myers" <>
Date: Thursday, March 6, 2003 9:14 am
Subject: PCI Slot Issues

>Dear Guru and Gurettes,
>I have had one of my engineers ask me a question that I can't find an 
>answer to.  He has an Ultra 60 and he tells me that his PCI slots are 
>reading 54 MHz instead of 33 MHz and the other slot is reading 108 MHz 
>instead of 66 MHz.  I am a little puzzled because it does not make sense to 
>me.  I figure this is a fairly simple crossing of something, but I can't 
>seem to put my finger on it...I will summarize...thanks for helping the one 
>who has giving up Mountain Dew for Lent...No wonder I can't think!!!

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