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From: Ken Leyba <>
Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 22:41:56 EST
First I'd like to thank Vinnie, Carl, Mike, Michael, Todd, David, Walt and 
Eva for responding to my problem.  Carl and Walt got me thinking in the 
right direction.  What I did was this though, I used the "logger" utility 
to log entries into the /var/adm/messages file as it was shutting 
down.  The line looks like this:

/usr/bin/logger -p user.err Shutting down the dreaded slpd...

Then as /etc/init.d/slpd is run an entry is added to the log file.  I added 
a line to each script right after the "stop" section began which got me to 
the right script that was dying, slpd.  Turns out it wasn't anything to do 
with NIS+ but probably a Java problem since this script looks like it's 
running a Java program as part of the shutdown and I did install a newer 
version of Java.  Commenting out the offending lines in /etc/init.d/slpd 
allowed me to shutdown and reboot.  Didn't really look into a fix since I 
don't think I need SLP anyway and will probably just disable it.


At 03:33 PM 2/17/2003 -0800, you wrote:
I've searched the archives and the Internet but haven't been able to find a 
definitive answer to this problem.  Solaris 8 clean install worked fine, 
then I configured and populated NIS+ and now the server hangs on 
shutdown.  If I use "shutdown" it hangs but if I use "reboot" it reboots 
fine.  I thought it was originally something to do with vold and an error 
reported "problem unmounting /vol".  I basically removed volmgt from the 
rcX.d directories and no change, except the error message went away.

So I suspect that the error message is not pointing to the problem but was 
unrelated.   I'm fairly new to Solaris and NIS+, but I didn't see anything 
in /var/adm/messages relating to the shutdown.  Everything works fine, 
NIS+, NFS, etc., just will not shutdown properly or change init states to 
single user mode or power down.

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