SUMMARY: Simulating Network Latency - Revised

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Date: Sat Mar 08 2003 - 22:04:01 EST
Thanks to all those who responded.  I am going to be focusing on reviewing
the Sun Bandwidth Manager software as well as the Linux NistNet as a

Suns bandwidth manager product will do this..
It works pretty good to:)


get yourself a copy of - NistNet (it's free and runs on Linux)

"it allows an inexpensive PC-based router to emulate numerous complex
performance scenarios, including: tunable packet delay distributions,
congestion and background loss, bandwidth limitation, and packet reordering
/ duplication"

we use a lot and think its great.


you could try changing to half duplex and also bringing down port speed on
one side.  throw traffic to it's interface from another host spray maybe.


You could insert a cisco router inbetween them with QOS/traffic shaping
turned on (or, use a Packeteer for this same purpose.)

Alternately, 250mS is right around what a slow modem would give you.
Consider inserting two linux boxes running PPP over a null modem cable.

Turn the speed down to 19.2K or something dismal and you'll have tons of


Look into getting dummynet installed on a BSD system.

> Simulating Network Latency
> What is the best way to simulate network latency between
> two Solaris 8 machines (1x4500, 1x220) that are on the same
> subnet, running at 100M?  I want to be able to dulplicate
> a problem with an application we use, but I need to create
> latency to do it (250-400ms).
> Also, I only have access to the Sun boxes, I don't have admin
> access to the router they are connected to.
> Will summarize, pre-thanks for your responses.
> Louis
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