SUMMARY: Booting from a different disk

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Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 19:38:49 EST
Hi all

Ok it works and it works in this way I thought but there was some mistake on
my site with the device path etc....! Thanks to Pascal Grostabussiat to give
me the right direction.

The boot device from the different disks I set up are:

Boot device:
Boot device:
Boot device:
Boot device:

Setting up the alias as following:

nvalias boot0
nvalias boot1
nvalias boot2
nvalias boot3

It is a good idea to delete the original device alias boot because if you
give an init 6 on a different disk as the original alias "boot" comes from
the system comes up and will boot the default alias "boot" and this is not a
god idea because it is better to set no default alias and after given init 6
you could go over a console server (like lightwave) and give the correct
boot command like boot0 or boot3 to boot this disk which will be used.

Now I have a nice testing envirnonment because I could set up 1 disk like it
must be, copy the disk with dd to another disks and now I could test
software on one disk and if this disk is "rubish" then I boot another disk
give the dd command again to the "rubish" disk and so on .......! At the
moment I use 8 diks:

1 > Solaris 8
2 > Solaris 9
3 > Solaris 7
4 > Solaris 8 (minim. Install 70 MB)

Diks 5 to 8 I use for backup for disk 1 to 4. Never setting up a normal
environment for testing......!


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Hi Sunmanagers

Ok I thought I know how it works but I didn't! :-(

I have a short question which should be for the most Sun Gurus no problem:

If a Sun Server would be installed the installation makes a alias under the
name boot (if you chose the option Autoreboot). Ok so far so works
find no problem. Now if the alias will be deleted or if a new alias should
be genereated like altboot or newboot to boot from an other disk etc. I
thought the command under OpenBoot prompt will be:

- verify under normal prompt which is the patch to the disk

# ls -la /dev/dks/c1t0d1s0


- go to the OpenBoot prompt and set a new alias like

ok nvalias newboot

- now boot with the new alias

ok boot newboot

- it doesnt work why?
- next question...if I would like to delete the new alias like newboot I
thought it is

Ok nvunalias newboot

- it doesnt work because with the command devalias the alias will be shown
and it is not deleted why?

Could somebody give me some answers...perhaps I forgott something..mmmhh
would be nice to have an answer.....I will summary the whole thing because
the reason I would do this is to set up on a A1000 with several disks for
testing and I think I'm not the only one which does or will do this. All
disk would have the same Solaris installation and if I test and the OS will
crash I use the next disk and then I must boot from the next disk and test
there or restore the first disk with dd command and so on ......!

Kind regards

Andrea Soliva
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